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Other tax codes

CAE Casual agricultural workers, shearers or shed hands engage in casual seasonal work on a day-to-day basis, for up to three months. They’re taxed through the PAYE system at a flat rate. EDW Election Day workers are employed on a casual basis immediately before, on, or after polling day. They’re taxed through the PAYE system at a flat rate. NSW Recognised seasonal workers work seasonally in the horticulture or viticulture industries and are employed by a registered New Zealand employer under the Recognised Seasonal Employers’ Scheme. They’re taxed through the PAYE system at a flat rate. WT Schedular payments (formerly known as Withholding Tax) are specifically for contract work, not salary or wages. For example, ACC personal service rehabilitation payments paid by ACC or an accredited employer are schedular payments. STC A special tax code is a tax deduction rate worked out to suit your individual circumstances. If you usually pay too much tax, or not enough, via the regular tax codes, you might want to apply for one. For example, an STC is ideal if you’re on a benefit and working at the same time.

Recent Tax Refunds

Lindsay from Hamilton got a tax refund of $145.69 5 minutes ago
James from Auckland got a tax refund of $121.74 13 minutes ago
Lesina from Hastings got a tax refund of $19.58 17 minutes ago
Holly - Ann from Wellington got a tax refund of $184.33 28 minutes ago
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